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Carole Lewis

"I think the trip was magnificent. We saw so much!"

Carole Lewis - December 2013

Safari: 11 days tented safari, 8 days using Moivaro properties

Overall, I think the trip was magnificent.  We saw so much!  Which brings us to our guides?  Our guide for Tanzania was Wilfred, who was very experienced and could spot animals and birds from a seemingly impossible distance.  He always took time to point things out to us and had books on flora and fauna that he would consult if he didn't know the answer to our questions (which didn't happen very often!)  He was most helpful to us in getting our luggage for us which arrived in Tanzania after we had left Moivaro.  Wilfred got us very very close to many different kinds of animals, and every day we were thrilled and awed.  We even saw the birth of a zebra from about 12 feet away!

In Kenya, our guide was Tony, another nice guy, younger than Wilfred, but he certainly delivered the goods!  He was also pleasant and liked to joke around.  Tony got us to so many cats in what seemed like mere moments, and we got some amazing pictures!

Both of our guides let us spend as much time as we wanted at any particular place taking as many pictures as we wanted.  We trusted the guides to give us the best days they could, and they did. 

I think the whole trip was an incredible value for the money!!!! 

Carole Lewis

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