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With Karibu Africa Safaris sustainable ecological tourism goes without saying. Although there is lots that still needs to be done, we believe sustainability is the only way forward for tourism in Africa. We work closely with the local population and we also actively support some individual projects that will benefit nature as well as the population.

On this page a number of carefully selected lodges who are fully committed to sustainability.

Karen Blixen Camp Masai Mara Kenya

Karen Blixen Camp is an eco-friendly luxury camp that gives a sense of the exiting explorer days when the savannah was seldom visited and elaborate and comfortable camps were set up providing a luxurious and stylish retreat after each day’s adventure Karen Blixen Camp is committed to responsible tourism. They conduct their business in a manner that benefits the environment, the people working at the camp and the neighboring community. The aim is to minimize our impact on the fragile environment and use the latest green technologies. Solar panels provide all power used at camp, solar heats up water for outdoor showers and a sewage system handles all wastewater produced.

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Sayari Camp Serengeti Tanzania

Together with its sister Asilia camps, Sayari Camp contributes to the conservation of the invaluable Serengeti ecosystem. Supporting responsible tourism inside the park and working on tangible development projects with the communities around the park, Asilia is playing an important role in the conservation of the most famous wildlife park in the world. The arrival of the camp in the northwestern Serengeti has secured the long term conservation of this area of the park and employment for the communities living on the boundary of the park.

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