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From our head office in Arusha, Tanzania, we have organized safaris for almost 20 years. Including mountain climbing's, bird watching safaris, horse riding safaris and beach holidays, all from this beautiful little city close to the slopes of Mount Meru and Mount Kilimanjaro.

Over the past years, we were happy to receive numerous guests and VIP's, like ministers and ambassadors. We also did a number of filming projects for both public as well as commercial television stations.

Our mission is to make our clients happy, provide them with the best possible African experience and in the mean time to make sure that this is done in an environmental friendly way.
By creating jobs in Africa, by re-investing the company's profit in Africa, by supporting local community projects by taking as much care as possible about our environment we are making sure that the hard earned money of your clients is spent in a responsible way in Africa.
Tourist's footsteps are unavoidable but if that supports the local community, helps Africa moving forward with as little damage to the environment as possible, we think tourism is benefiting all of us in a minimized harmful way.

These days we have branches in Stonetown Zanzibar, Nairobi Kenya, Dar es Salaam Tanzania and Cape Town South Africa so we can provide any type of holiday in East and Southern Africa.
Whether you want your clients to experience the abundant African wildlife, book them a beach holiday on the white sandy beaches or book more adventures trips like climbing the Kilimanjaro, we can organize it for you.

Karibu Africa Safaris is fully licensed and has proved to be a reliable partner for many many years.

Our cancellation and payment policy is very easy going, but of course we can tailor made this according to your companies' wishes.
In 2008 we merged with the Moivaro group, the merge guarantees you will get the best possible rates, but of course we have very good contracts with most other lodges as well.
The already highly competitive rates from Karibu Africa Safaris will make sure you and your clients will get the best deal!

Karibu Africa Safaris is a member of the Tanzanian Organisation of Tour Operators (TATO) and a member of the African Travel and Tourism Association (Atta).
The owner is certified by Travelife, the international organisation for responsible tourism. It ensures your clients will travel as green as possible.
In 2013 the company was selected as one of the few CBI companies. CBI stands for Centre for the Promotion of Imports ( from developing countries and only selects reliable companies who work in an eco-friendly way as well.

If you are interested in our special rates for agents, please contact us.


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Sustainability acknowledgement

Karibu Africa Safaris has been selected as one of the CBI companies. CBI only selects reliable companies who work in a sustainable way ... read more