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Malawi is a small landlocked country sandwiched between Zambia and Mozambique, with Tanzania to the north. Malawi's capital city is Lilongwe. Lake Malawi, the third-largest lake in Africa, lies along the eastern border. The lake is the main attraction, with its beaches, resorts, water sports and outstanding variety of fish life making it a hotspot for divers and snorkelers.

The best time to travel to Malawi is during the winter months (between May and October), which is the cool, dry season, most comfortable for game viewing. Summer (November to April) is hot and humid, and is also the rainy season.

The coolest months are June and July, when daytime temperatures hover around 70ºF (21ºC), and the nights can be very cold.

People enjoy freedom of religion in Malawi. A large portion of the population is Protestant and Roman Catholic, and a minority following indigenous beliefs and Islam. The national language is Chichewa but the official language, and that of the business community, is English.

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Activities in Malawi

Activities in Malawi

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Malawi safari lodges & camps

Malawi safari lodges & camps

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