Things you need to know: Planning for an amazing African safari

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We have all been there when planning a holiday. You have a budget. You have picked a destination. But, you don’t know what to pack, or where you are going to stay. Planning should be easy – fun when you are planning a safari.

There are many questions when it comes to planning a safari to Africa, especially to Tanzania. We have decided to answer some of them as you look forward to your safari experience.

how much is a safari in tanzania

Is there a best time to go on safari?

Every time is the best time! Tanzania, as a premier safari destination in Africa, can be visited at any time of the year. Generally, safari seasons are divided according to the migration of animals. They, in turn, follow the weather. This means at any time of the year, something is happening. Therefore, it all comes down to your preferences. All seasons have their pros and cons, but wildlife viewing is guaranteed. 

What to bring on safari?

Safaris are casual vacations meant to be enjoyed. Only pack the essentials. As you will be spending most of your safari adventure in the safari vehicle, pack clothes that are loose-fitting and light-colored clothing. Avoid dark colors like black and dark blue as these tend to attract insects such as Tsetse flies. 

Remember, pack lightly! Read the guide on what to pack HERE


Will I be guaranteed to see lions on my safari tour?

The ultimate safari experience – sitting in your vehicle a few feet away from a pride of lions – this is what safari memories are made of. The good news is most of the known national parks in Tanzania have lions. But, this does not guarantee that you will see them. However, the chances of seeing lions in these parks are higher than anywhere else. Like all wildlife, sighting depends on the movement of the animals and nothing is sure.


Do I need to be physically fit for safari adventure?

Although there is no high level of the physical level required while traveling on safari, overall good health is essential. We recommend preventative measures like medical checkups and consultations while preparing yourself for your trip. 

Please note, health concerns or dietary restrictions should be made available to Karibu Africa Safaris before leaving for your safari.

What type of accommodation can you expect on your safari?

One of the areas we pay a lot of attention to when designing a safari itinerary is the lodges and camps we will use. There are different types of accommodations on safari depending on their location. For example, sometimes itineraries require staying in a city/town on one of the days, and here you will get a hotel or lodge designed to cater to safari-goers. It’s inside the national parks where things get interesting. There you can stay in a mobile tented camp – the camps follow the movement of the animals and can be assembled and dismantled when the need arises – or in tented lodges or brick-and-mortar lodges. The one thing we assure our clients is, as Karibu Africa Safaris, we have inspected and continue to monitor the accommodations we use to ensure they meet our standards and our clients’ expectations. 

When inquiring about your safari trip, you can state your expectations regarding accommodations. This will help us in meeting your needs. The lodges and camps in our safari packages are classified into the budget, mid-range, and luxury safari. But, you have to remember the nature and type of accommodation you choose for your safari will have to go hand in hand with your budget. 

What is the standard food on safari?

The standard of food is generally high even in the remotest lodges and camps. Most lodges and camps have qualified chefs on hand and most accommodations will be able to accommodate you to your preferred meal options. If you have any allergies or special dietary requirements, please let us know beforehand at the time of booking, so we can advise the lodgings accordingly. If you require any special health supplement, kindly bring it with you.


Are there Bathrooms/toilets in the bush?

Need not to worry. Throughout your safari, there are various areas with public bathroom facilities such as ranger stations, museums, visitor centers, and picnic sites. These facilities are well maintained and have running water. In case of any requirement or need of assistance, our driver-guides are sympathetic to bathroom dilemmas and will ensure you are comfortable and accommodating to your needs.


Can I charge my camera batteries while on safari?

Most lodges and camps have facilities to charge batteries for cameras and video recorders, but we advise you to bring spare batteries as back up. you should note that Tanzania’s electrical sockets are identical to those found in the United Kingdom – the 3 rectangular pins. The electrical voltage is 220V. Many accommodations have the necessary adapters to fit all international plugs, but it is advisable to bring your adopters.


Is there Internet access in lodges?

You will venture deep into the African wilderness, but that doesn’t mean we will alienate you from the world. You may be in the middle of Serengeti, and still able to share photos with your family and friends back home. But there is a catch – Wi-Fi is available at select lodges and camps, though not all. Also, the internet speed and reliability in the bush may also vary.


Do camps in the bush provide 24 Hr electricity?

Many camps and lodges are solar-powered, or running on generators, and turn off their generators after dinner until dawn. Please inquire upon arrival at each accommodation as policies vary.

We wish you the best in your planning and hope to host you on your holiday in Tanzania.

Contact us for more information to help you plan your next safari to Tanzania. 

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