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Coronavirus message from Karibu Africa Safaris

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For close to 20 years, Karibu Africa Safaris has been led with a desire to introduce people to the beauty of Africa. We have always looked forward to carrying out safaris that make a genuine difference in the lives of both our guests and the communities hosting the safari destinations. We, therefore, care deeply about the wellbeing of our guests, staff and the communities where we work. This important value has always guided us in our operations.

In the current environment that the world finds itself, we feel it is the best time to practice this value. The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared the coronavirus (COVID-19) a global pandemic. To face this challenge, the WHO and various health authorities have advised various guidelines and policies, and some countries have put in place travel restrictions and travel policies. As always, the health and safety of our guests and staff is our top priority. As a tour company, we are monitoring the situation and intensifying our measures. We have ensured that all our staff have the necessary information and follow the latest guidance from the WHO and the Tanzania Ministry of Health to protect themselves and our guests. Our health and safety measures cover everything from handwashing hygiene to the disinfection of our safari vehicles. We have also been in constant communication with the various accommodations that we use to ensure they are following the required measures to combat the virus.

Your health

Our top priority is everyone’s health and wellbeing. We highly recommend people everywhere to follow the relevant travel advice by relevant authorities like the WHO and their countries’ health authorities.

Your travel with Karibu Africa Safaris

We are getting a number of inquiries and in return have to check policies with our various suppliers in order to give you a valid response. We and appreciate your patience while we assist and attend to your case by case.

Given the impact of COVID-19 on how we work, socialize, and travel, where a travel ban prevents you from leaving your home country, or from traveling into Tanzania and/or Kenya, we are looking into possible options; the best suggestion right now being postponing your trip and you can continue to look forward to an incredible safari.

We understand the recent news and uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 situations may have caused you to worry about your travel plans and future travel options. Whether you have a safari booked or planning an upcoming trip, we promise to do our best to support you and we all look forward to welcoming you on safari with warm hospitality. For any inquiry regarding your safari to Kenya and Tanzania, kindly feel free to reach out to us.

Please stay safe and follow the guidelines offered by the authorized health authorities.

Hassan Msanga


Karibu Africa Safaris

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