For a perfect holiday, Karibu Africa Safaris is THE Company to book with. Professional, Experienced and Dedicated to all our clients.

We are a tour company with 20 years of experience at providing quality safari tours in East and Southern Africa. A fully registered company in Tanzania, we are also members of the Tanzania Association of Tour Operators (TATO), African Travel and Tourism Association (ATTA), and currently in the process of being certified by Travelife, the international organization for responsible tourism.

From our main office in Arusha, Tanzania, a professional team of dedicated staff makes sure we provide our clients with a unique and enjoyable safari. A 24-hour emergency number is always available and our various offices throughout East and Southern Africa make sure that wherever you are, you will receive specialized services immediately.

The word “Karibu” means welcome in Swahili and that is why we say Karibu Africa; Karibu Africa Safaris.


Our Mission

Our goal is to create safari experiences that are carried out in the most sustainable way. We support our suppliers and encourage our clients to derive mutual benefits from our trade through creating awareness and leading by example to ensure sustainable travel.


Sustainable Tourism

With Karibu Africa Safaris, sustainable ecological tourism goes without saying. We believe sustainability is the only way forward for tourism in Africa. And we are committed to ensuring that our guests only leave a positive footprint behind.

This means that we pay attention to the impact that tourism has on the environment and local communities and to ensure that profits are reinvested to develop and grow our home country.


Our Services

Through our extensive network, we are capable of answering every individual customer’s wishes. Whether a small or large group, we are dedicated to making sure our client’s needs are met and the safari is enjoyable.

From our head office in the beautiful little city of Arusha, Tanzania; we have organized different types of safaris to various eco-destinations for almost 20 years, including;

  • mountain climbing
  • bird watching safaris
  • horse riding safaris
  • beach holidays;


Whether to camp in the bush, or stay in one of the luxury lodges; these choices are available, and of course, we are glad to help make them. Our prices depend on the type and style of a trip, and we are always an email away to provide more information about the pricing and itinerary request of your dream safari.

Climbing Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest mountain, is yet another choice. Although spectacular, this climb requires more preparation, which we can also help with. All in all, the tailor-made trips we offer make everything possible.

Our clients can arrange their international flights and inform us of their date of arrival and departure, and we take care of the rest. This means a client is not bound by set dates or itineraries, which many other travel organizations use.

Over the past years, we are happy to have received numerous guests and VIPs, like ministers and ambassadors. We have also done a number of film projects for both public as well as commercial television stations.


To us Africa is special, and we aim to make sure you experience it in a special way.