Balloon safaris in Tanzania

a safari from the skies

Best tanzania balloon safari experience

Definitely, the most memorable safari activity. A hot-air balloon ride gives you a great chance to see wildlife and landscapes from a whole new perspective. The smooth quiet ride is a once-in-a-lifetime experience as you float on the African savannah skies. Welcome the African sun soaring above the Serengeti at dawn. Particularly popular for spectacular events such as the wildebeest migration in Kenya and Tanzania, you can’t really get a better impression of this vast event. A sunrise flight capped off with a champagne breakfast is an excellent addition to an African safari adventure. A unique safari experience in Tanzania by any measure.

Hot air balloon rides leave from three sites in this prime national park. In Central Serengeti, wildlife gathers year-round in the Seronera River Valley where there is permanent water. The Great Migration passes through around May and June. The Western Serengeti includes the Grumeti River, a scene of theatrical crossings during the Great Migration in June and July, when hundreds of thousands of gnu, brave the giant Nile crocodiles, and many perish while others detour to avoid the perilous river. In South Serengeti plains, the wildebeests assemble from December onwards, to calve in February, producing 8000 newborns every day on a three-week marathon, a sight not to be missed on your personalized nature travel in Serengeti. The plains of the Serengeti are particularly suited to balloon flights which are particularly convenient, letting you get aerially closer and distinctly accessible to the action than you could be by a game-viewing safari vehicle

Conditions are favorable early every morning, but you are advised to pre-book this popular activity for your safari holiday to East Africa due to its limited seating availability. Unfortunately, only children over seven-year, old and fit and active adults can be accommodated. Because weight is a crucial safety consideration, passengers weighing over 120 kilos (265 pounds) may need to reserve two places. The balloons are immense. Baskets are compartmented for comfort and security, accommodating 16 people for each one-hour voyage. The price reflects the enormous cost of the balloons due to a safety replacement every few hundred hours, equivalent to swapping with a high-end automobile. High fees are payable to the national park for tourist concessions for every single passenger. A skilled, experienced, and licensed pilot and staff of 20 is needed for each trip, including launching and recovery as well as the transport to and from the launch and celebratory champagne breakfast. Each flight is unique, some high enough to view the panoramic landscape for miles ahead, others low enough to see individual animals at close quarters. It is not a cheap excursion, but it will make your northern Tanzania vacation one of the most memorable of your whole life. It is possible to charter special private balloon flights in the Grumeti Reserve for honeymoon couples on their romantic trip in the great plains of Africa