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Tanzania Beach Holiday Tour

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Beaches are plentiful on the East coast of Africa. We can offer you any kind of beach holiday you want, whether it’s the bustling Kenyan beaches around Mombasa, or the beautiful islands like Zanzibar, any type of accommodation, from budget to super luxury is available along the East coast.

A few days by the beach can be a relaxing extension to your holiday after a safari or a mountain climb, so simply tell us if you would like us to arrange this for you. Here is just a small selection of the best options we offer:



Kenyan coast

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The Kenyan coast undoubtedly has some of the best white, sandy beaches in Africa. The warm waters of the Indian Ocean suit all types of tourists; those looking for a quiet swim, a place for the kids to play, deep-sea fishing, and water sports such as scuba diving and sailing. Coupled with its large selection of beachfront hotels, Kenya’s beaches are an equal place for a holiday.



Zanzibar Island (Unguja)

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Zanzibar is a unique coral island lying in the Indian Ocean, a short distance from mainland Tanzania. With Pemba and about 50 other islands, Zanzibar originally was an independent country until 1964 when it was united with Tanganyika to form Tanzania.

The island’s history goes back to many centuries, his heyday coming in the early 19th century when the Sultan of Muscat moved his court To Zanzibar. Spice cultivation was developed, particularly the clove tree, and that is why it’s called “Spice Island.” The magnificent coral reefs surrounding Zanzibar are a snorkelers’ and scuba divers’ paradise. The beaches are stunning and we do offer a wide variety of accommodations right at the beach.


Contact us how you can incorporate beach holiday into your itinerary.