Ruwenzori Mountain National Park

Mountains of the Moon

Situated on the Uganda-Congo border, the Rwenzori Mountain National Park covers about 1000 square kilometers. Also called ‘Mountains of the Moon,’ it is located in western Uganda. Some call it Africa’s most beautiful alpine area. The main attraction of the park is the opportunity to climb its mountains and volcanoes. Its routes offer challenging hiking and climbing possibilities. Less ambitious hikers will still find plenty to do in the park. A number of animals call the park home, including elephants, chimpanzees, buffalo, leopards, and a variety of antelopes. However, the dense forest makes game-viewing a difficult prospect. As well as endangered species and other remarkable flora and fauna.

Rwenzori Mountains National Park is a Ugandan national park and UNESCO World Heritage Site located in the Rwenzori Mountains

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, three million years old, born of tectonic activity, they contain, after Kilimanjaro and Mount Kenya, the third-highest peaks in Africa, and in terms of diversity of flora maintain a diverse, rich ecosystem. Surrounded by rain forest, which higher up peters out into alpine meadows, the Rwenzori Mountains support five distinct vegetation zones, and as a result animals and birds flourish

The Rwenzori Mountains are the highest and most permanent sources of the River Nile and constitute a vital water catchment. Their multitude of fast-flowing rivers, magnificent waterfalls, and stratified vegetation make the property exceptionally scenic and beautiful. The mountains are well-known for their unique alpine flora which includes many species endemic to the Albertine Rift in the higher altitude zones including giant heathers, groundsels, and lobelias. The Park also supplies local communities with various wild resources and is an important cultural heritage.

The Rwenzoris are the legendary “Mountains of the moon”, a reflection of the mist-shrouded mountains of this rugged massif that tower almost 4,000 m above the Albertine Rift Valley, making them visible from great distances. These mountains offer a unique and pristine landscape of alpine vegetation studded with charismatic giant lobelias, groundsels, and heathers which have been called “Africa’s botanical big game”. The combination of spectacular snow-capped peaks, glaciers, V-shaped valleys, fast-flowing rivers with magnificent waterfalls, clear blue lakes and unique flora contributes to the area’s exceptional natural beauty.

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