Mt. Kilimanjaro FAQs

Mount Kilimanjaro Climb FaQ’s

How fit do I need to be to climb Mount Kilimanjaro?

People of all ages and different fitness levels all have a good chance of making the climb. The most important thing is to be of good physical health. The climb also requires as much mental strength as physical fitness.


Are there bathrooms on the mountain?

At every camp, there is a public toilet available that you can do your business. Some of the toilets available in some camps may not be for everyone (they require squatting). Clients may request a portable toilet that looks like a western toilet at an extra cost.


Can I shower on Mount Kilimanjaro?

There are no showers on Mount Kilimanjaro. Each morning and evening at the end of a climb, climbers receive a bowl of warm water and soap for washing. We also recommend packing baby wipes for regular cleaning purposes on each day.


What type of food will I eat on Mount Kilimanjaro?

Food is very important while climbing the mountain and hikers tend to develop an appetite at high altitudes. To cater to the needs of our clients, fresh ingredients are selected to offer the required nutrients for the intense trek. A professional and well-experienced cook is at hand to cater to all your special dietary requirements. Any special dietary requirement has to be communicated early to facilitate proper preparation.


What is the weather like on Mount Kilimanjaro?

The weather on Mount Kilimanjaro varies depending on the month. Daytime temperature can range between 20 degrees and 27 degrees Celsius. Night temperatures can range between 2 degrees and 3degrees at high altitude and as low as -10 degrees Celsius. 

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