Volcanoes National Park

Home to the Endangered Gorilla

Volcanoes National Park is named after the chain of dormant volcanoes making up the Virunga Massif: Karisimbi, Bisoke with its verdant Crater Lake, Sabinyo, Gahinga, and Muhabura. Situated in the far northwest of Rwanda, the vegetation varies considerably due to the large altitudinal range within the park.

The park is home to the endangered mountain gorilla and a rich mosaic of montane ecosystems, which embrace evergreen and bamboo forest, open grassland, swamp, and heath. Besides gorillas, the park is also home for golden monkeys, a variety of birds, reptiles, amphibians, and insects among other creatures.

The strategic location of the park, a short drive from Kigali international airport, makes it the most accessible gorilla national park in the world. A one-stop for tracking endangered mountain gorillas through the mysterious intimacy of the rain forest,

Other activities include hiking, canoeing, mountain biking, and village experiences that offer something for everyone to enjoy.