Rubondo National Park

“Relaxation from the normal”

Located on the south-west shores of Lake Victoria, Tanzania, Rubondo Island National Park is the largest island national park in Africa, boasting a rich and diverse variety of butterflies and birdlife, easily viewable from the lakeshore. The park includes Rubondo Island and several other small islands of Lake Victoria and attracts a small number of visitors each year, mainly game fishermen and bird enthusiasts.

Given that it is a small island, the Rubondo National Park is home to a surprising number large of large mammals. Animal species include the Sitatunga antelope, Elephants, Giraffes, Hippos, Bushbucks, Pythons, Crocodiles, Chimpanzees (not fully habituated), and Bush pigs. The rare Sitatunga, an extremely endangered amphibious antelope, can sometimes be viewed escaping from the charging predators by hiding and camouflaging itself in the lakeshore marshes.

A visit to Rubondo Island National Park offers visitors a break from game viewing in the tranquil peace of a lakeshore setting. Exploring the islands within the park creates excitement for day trips. Fishing expeditions into Lake Victoria are easily arranged through the major lodges. Rubondo Island National Park is a relaxation from the rigorous safari circuit and a relaxing place from which to explore Lake Victoria.

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