Mount Meru

The Centerpiece of Arusha

Mount Meru is the first sight you can see when reaching Arusha Town. The second-highest mountain in Tanzania, after Mount Kilimanjaro, it is a dormant stratovolcano located west of Mount Kilimanjaro in the country of Tanzania. At a height of 4,562.13 meters (14,968 ft), it is the topographic centerpiece of Arusha National Park and on a clear day visible from Mount Kilimanjaro. 

Often used as warm-up hiking in preparation for Kilimanjaro, climbers us the Momella route which starts at Momella gate, on the eastern side of the mountain. However, the technical requirements are greater on Mount Meru than on the Kilimanjaro Routes.

Its fertile slopes rise above the surrounding savanna and support a forest that hosts diverse wildlife, including nearly 400 species of birds, and also monkeys and leopards. The Arusha National Park at its foot is a perfect destination for walking safari guided by a local ranger.

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