Best time to visit the Serengeti

Unforgettable Wildlife Experience

Game viewing is superb year-round in the Serengeti National Park. There’s also a lot of seasonality to the park and its wildlife, and different regions of the park have different things going on at varying times of the year.  Generally, when planning for the Great Migration, you should take the herd movements into consideration. The most sought Serengeti safaris are the ones that include either the calving season or the Great Migration Mara River crossing. Depending on the time of year, you might find that you see no animals at all as they, along with predators, have already moved to a different location. The best time to follow the Wildebeest migration is from December to July, and to see the predators the best time is June to October. Calving generally takes place in the south of the park in January and February, and the river crossing in July/August. 

where to see the wildebeest migration

Not only does planning for the right time of the year mean you will get to experience the kind of African safari you really want, but it will also have a major influence on how much you will spend. Different times of the year present different wildlife viewing experiences. The low season is normally April and November, the high season is in July and then again from December to March, and the peak seasons are from August to October. Choosing the right time of year is therefore exceptionally important when you want to ensure that you experience the best Serengeti safari possible. Return visits would definitely make the most of the park’s diversity.


Along with planning for the time of year, you also need to decide how much time you will be spending here. As with most safaris in Africa, we encourage guests to spend more than just 3 – 4 days on a safari tour. In a place like the Serengeti, where there are such vast expanses of grassy plains to be explored, spending more than a day is best. You might only visit the Serengeti once in your life, so you should make the most of your time by treating yourself to a long stay.