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When is the best time to go on safari in Tanzania?

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Happy New Year from all of us at Karibu Africa Safaris.

Every year we all make New Year resolutions. They may be making a career step or attaining the ideal weight. To some, it may be to engage in a hobby they have been putting off for some time. Others to take that holiday they have always wanted to take. We can’t help with your career goals, or how to attain the ideal weight. But, we do know how to plan a safari, especially in the neck of our woods, Tanzania.

Planning is never easy, especially when you are planning to visit a foreign place. When it comes to safari, the confusion just goes up. We all want to get our money’s worth when we are visiting a place. The question is; when is the best time?

what time of the year is the wildebeest migration

When it comes to going on safari to Tanzania, there is no best time. You may ask “But there are seasons in every safari destination?” True, Tanzania is largely marked by wet and dry seasons. And that’s where the beauty comes in. In Tanzania, different times of the year are better for different destinations. This also means tourism numbers spread across the year and nowhere gets uncomfortably crowded. We all want to be surrounded by wildlife and not vehicles.

To help you plan better, you need to know the characteristics of each season. Therefore:

January to February – Wildebeest calving

This is the hottest and driest time of the year in Tanzania. The good news is the warm dry weather makes spotting wildlife easy in all of Tanzania’s parks and reserves. One of the best places to spend during this time of the year in the Serengeti. During these months, the Great Wildebeest Migration is at the most accessible south-eastern part of the Serengeti. It is in this region of the Serengeti that the wildebeest are calving. Coming of young one means easy target and therefore a great time to visit the Serengeti and see predators on a hunt.

how many hippos are in africa

March to May – The long rains

The main rainy season in Tanzania, and a tropical country like ours, it pours and rains in most days. The disadvantage of green parks means food is in abundance and animals do not concentrate in one place. Dispersing of animals means there is a possibility of seeing fewer animals compared to other months. The upside, the parks, especially the famous Northern Tanzania parks are not crowded and the safari seems more intimate. Another thing is accommodation rates are low, making for a cheaper time to visit and spend time in the parks. It is the low season and many lodges and camps are closed.

June – August – Cool, dry, popular, and great for wildlife viewing

The popular months also referred to as the HIGH SEASON. During these months the weather is cool and dry, making for a perfect safari visit. Like in other dry months, wildlife viewing is good, but you will miss the GreatWildebeest Migration. During this time of the year, the animals will probably be in Kenya. The downside is due to the popularity of these months, the Northern Tanzania parks can get crowded. But this should not deter you from coming to Tanzania and enjoying a wildlife experience. As everyone goes up north, you can go to Southern Tanzania parks which are never crowded throughout the year. Here you may not tick all your big five animals, but the experience is one to be cherished.

is zebra a horse

Late October – December – The short rains

This is the peak season in Tanzania. The weather is characterized by short afternoon showers that are common, although not as heavy as from March to May. Wildlife viewing is still generally good, although the abundance of water means that the game is widely scattered and harder to find than in the dry months. 

Whichever the season, Karibu Africa Safaris will ensure that your wildlife experience is maximized. When booking a safari, one thing to remember is that the cost of your safari will largely be influenced by the cost of accommodation. These, in turn, are affected by the seasons. But you should not worry; we have a range of pristine lodges and camps that will fit your budget.