Bird watching in Africa


Not only is East Africa famous for its large wild animals like lions, elephants, and leopards, but it is also one of the most special areas in the world for bird-watching.

Various international research institutes have installed a great many observation facilities to explore the diverse richness of bird species in the area. Several Karibu Africa Safaris guides are fascinated by the presence of so many different rare birds and have specialized in ornithology. Every year, they go on training courses to expand their knowledge. They also enjoy sharing their knowledge with other guides by organizing joint safaris.


One interesting area is the Rift Valley, which runs all the way from the north to the south of Africa. It is a tremendous cleft, dotted with lakes that are home to an unprecedented number of at least 400 different species of birds. There are millions of flamingos, not to mention hornbills, weaver-birds, bee-eaters, ice-birds, parrots, eagles and vulture among other species. A must for all bird lovers are the Pel’s fishing owl, the fish-eagle, the hamerkop, the giant heron, and the secretary bird. With time and patience, you can cross many new birds off your list.

Other famous bird habitats are Lake Eyasi, Kakamega forest, Tsavo National Park and Selous Game Reserve. More than 1,200 different species have already been documented in these areas, and it is very possible to see more than half the number in three or four weeks. Because there are specialized safaris which are sometimes combined with regular safaris, only a few companies offer them.


At Karibu Africa Safaris, we have the kind of expertise to offer such a safari and are prepared to plan your holiday. If you are interested in this kind of holiday, we will gladly take account of your wishes to create, together with our guides, a full program that will meet your needs. Of course, your available time, flight schedule and budget will influence what can be included in the program.